Research Projects

Project - 1

Epigenetic determinants of genome stability for mammalian tissue

Robert Hänsel-Hertsch

Project - 2

Mechanical-stress induced DNA damage and genome mechanoprotection in cellular and organismal homeostasis

Björn Schumacher, Sara Wickström

Project - 3

Epigenetic regulation of the cellular homeostasis amid transcription-blocking DNA damage during development and aging

Björn Schumacher, Siyao Wang

Project - 4

Coordination of DNA damage response and aging by ubiquitin signaling

Thorsten Hoppe

Project - 5

Ubiquilins in DNA repair and neurodegeneration

Ron Jachimowicz

Project - 6

Mechanism and consequences of SLX4IP- and ERCC1-XPF-dependent telomere dysfunction

Stephanie Panier

Project - 7

The impact of chronic genome instability on tissue homeostasis and how reduced diet alleviates DNA damage-driven functional deterioration

Jan Hoeijmakers

Project - 8

Metabolic deregulation, genome instability, and the progression of chronic kidney disease

Thomas Benzing, Bernhard Schermer

Central Projects

Z - 1

A computational platform for data support, integration and management

David H. Meyer

Z - 2

Central Coordination Project

Simon Uszkoreit